Calculating marquee size

How big a marquee should I hire?

There are several considerations which affect the size of marquee you hire. The main ones are:
1. If you intend to sit for a meal.
2. How many guests per table.
3. If you are opting for buffet of waitress service.
4. If you need additional space for dancefloor, band, DJ, bar, gifts.
5. If you need space for a stand-up drinks reception before taking seats at table.

There are various options, such as having an annexed dance/bar/stand-up reception marquee, or having everything contained under a single roof span. The advantages of annexes are that contrasting atmospheres can be created (eg pealights in the roof of one or other tent).

However, as a rough guide, you should allow 10x10ft (100sq ft) per table, and each table can hold 8-10 guests (ie a 70x30ft marquee - 2100sq ft - could hold 21 tables at full capacity, and therefore beween 168 and 210 guests.

In addition to this, you should leave approximately 600sq ft for a dancefloor and music area - sometimes larger, if a band is hired.

Bars, buffets etc should be added as extra space.

For stand up parties, calculate on 7.5sq ft per guest, with dancefloors, bars etc as additional.

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