Frame Marquees for hire

Apex Marquees hires out clearspan gable-ended marquees and tubular hip-ended frame tents (as well as traditional pole marquees)

Delivery of our marquees (except under exceptional circumstances) is free to almost all areas of southwest England: Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon Bristol, Gloucestershire, and most of the south, including Hampshire and Surrey.

We also rent out our frame marquees with RAJ & EXOTIC INTERIORS as well as ivory linings.

Clearspan marquees and frame tents are free-standing structures without centre poles. They are not dependent on guy ropes to keep them standing. They do need to be anchored to the ground where they stand. The clean finish makes them ideal for corporate events, but also reliable for weddings in stormy or winter weather.
If you prefer one of our pole marquees, click here

Why hire a Frame Marquee for your event?
1. Frame marquees are modular, can be extended, or turned into L- or T- shapes, which allows for maximum flexibility of floor plan. All shapes and garden surfaces can be covered: lawns, fields, small areas, against buildings, and patios.
2. Frame marquees have no centre poles (which can sometimes be an impediment).
3. Frame marquees can be annexed neatly together and guttered, allowing a continuation of floorspace between units. [Pole tents depend on regularly placed guy ropes around their periphery and therefore can only be annexed with the use of a short connecting walkway tunnel.]
4. Frame marquees are built from a sturdy aluminium structure which allows for opportunities to hang weighty decorations, lights or floral arrangements at different points.
5. Annexing two frame units together allows for a contrasting atmosphere within a shared floorspace, for example, one tent could be brightly lit with ivory roof lining, while its annex could be raj-lined or pea-lit.

Our Range of Frame Marquees for hire
10x7ft - usually used for a walkway, a porch or a caterer's staging post.
15x15ft - ideal for a small kitchen tent or bar.
15x25ft and 20x20ft - good for terraces or catering use.
20x20ft extendable range - can be extended in 10ft increments
30x30ft extendable range can be extended in 10ft increments.
40x40ft extendable range (12x12m) can be extended in 3m increments.

To estimate how big a marquee you need to hire, go to our CALCULATING MARQUEE SIZE page.

To watch a timelapse video of a put up and a take-down CLICK HERE

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