Pole Marquees for hire

Our pole marquees enjoy a deservedly high reputation for their breathtaking elegance and contemporary design.

Delivery of our marquees (except under exceptional circumstances) is free to almost all areas of southwest England: Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Devon Bristol, Gloucestershire, and most of the south, including Hampshire and Surrey.

The secret of our pole marquees' design is its taut fabric, like the surface of a drum, achieved through high tension wratchet guys, tall apexes and a slight swoop between the centre poles. Perfect for a traditional wedding and extremely elegant for a corporate or special event.
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Why hire a Pole Marquee for your event?
1. The height of a pole marquee is not only visually impressive, but it allows for warm summer air to rise comfortably well above guest circulation space.

2. For many, the traditional effect of a marquee supported only by centre poles is integral to the experience of an country summer event.

3. Unlike frame marquees, pole marquees can look very handsome without roof linings, which allows for a major saving.

Our pole marquees can be lined either with complete or partial roof linings (see images). The partial lining is made up of strip segments of ivory fabric, allowing view into the high sweep of the marquee itself, while still retaining an element of formality. We sometimes use this instead of full ivory linings so as to highlight the particularly impressive design of the actual marquee's roof.

Our pole marquees for hire are 40ft (12m) wide and can be extended in 20ft (6m) incrememnts (40x40, 60x40, 80x40 etc) up to 140x40ft.

To estimate how big a marquee you need to hire, go to our CALCULATING MARQUEE SIZE page.

To watch a timelapse video of a pole marquee put up and a take-down CLICK HERE

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